Facebook has recently announced changes that will impact some Life Happens Pro subscribers. These changes mean that platforms such as Life Happens Pro will be unable to post content on behalf of personal Facebook profiles. It’s important to remember that these changes impact all platforms and developers who work with Facebook. 

Beginning as soon as possible, subscribers that use Life Happens Pro to publish to their personal Facebook profiles will need to create a Facebook business Page that their social messages will be published on instead. After July 27, 2018 you will only be able to publish to a Facebook business Page in Life Happens Pro. If you haven’t set up a Facebook business Page by that date, your posts will not be published to Facebook. 

If you do not already have a Facebook business page, we recommend you create a new business Page by following the directions here. You may be able to switch over your profile to a business Page if you wish to do so. 

Marketing a business is what Facebook’s business Pages were built for, so you will find their additional marketing features helpful. For example, a business Page has analytics called Insights and personal profiles do not. Learn about Insights here. Owning a Page will also allow you to run contests and take advantage of Facebook ads. 

After your Page is built, you need to attach it to our platform by logging on to Life Happens Pro and clicking on Social Media and then, Profiles. Follow the directions there and give us access to your Facebook business Page. 

These changes do not impact how Life Happens Pro publishes to Twitter or LinkedIn.

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