Note: This feature is only available to Premium users.

Follow these easy steps to add your own logo and personal message to the embeddable videos.

1. Navigate to the Your Account page, then click on the Video tab.

2. Make sure the ON/OFF switch next to Customize Video Player? is turned ON. You'll then see all customization options revealed below.

3. In the Company Logo section you can upload your own logo or photo to be used as a watermark on the video player and/or a personalized introduction or closing message. Click the Upload Logo button, select the logo you'd like to use and click Open.

We recommend using a PNG format on a transparent background with a maximum size of 464px by 344px.

4. In the Video Player Preferences section you have to the option to add your logo and/or the Life Happens logo as a watermark on your embedded videos. Simply click the check box next to each and you'll see a sample preview.

5. The next two sections are for the Introduction Card and Closing Card. These will allow you to add your logo/photo and a personalized message before and/or after your embedded videos play.

To use either of these cards make sure the ON/OFF switch is set to ON.

If you'd like to use your logo or photo, make sure it has been uploaded using the instructions in Step 3 above and click the checkbox under Include Company Logo. Then you can enter your own personal message on the right hand side of the card.

You can also change the Background Color and Text Color by clicking on the colored square or entering the Hex color value.

6. Make sure to click Save Changes after updating any of the sections.

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