Here are 8 tips to help you get started with all of the great tools and resources available with Life Happens Pro. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

1. Make sure you're using the personalization feature of Life Happens Pro (this is big!).

You can have your contact information and logo appear in the lower right-hand corner of flyers and brochures, giving your prospects and clients an easy way to contact you. To do this, make sure you've entered your information in all the appropriate fields in your Account Profile. Don't forget to hit the Save Changes button at the very bottom. Now when you choose a flyer or brochure, just choose the Download Personalized link to the right of the flyer!

If you’d like a short video tutorial, watch here.

2. Put the personalized flyers to work.

Why not try sending a Real Life Story to new parents—who should be considering life insurance—like the "Tara Newby" story here. (If you've done #1 correctly, you should see your contact information in the lower right-hand side!) You can send it with a customized message using the Email Marketing tool. (You can also watch a quick tutorial video here on how to use the Email Marketing tool.) Now it’s time to explore other great flyers and brochures!

3. Enhance your website by adding one (or more!) of our great videos.

How about starting with "Life Insurance 101," which has been viewed on YouTube more than 1 million times! Check it out here. Life Happens Pro has an easy-to-use feature that lets you embed videos on your website. It doesn’t take a tech genius to do it, you (or someone you work with) just need to know how to access the back-end of the site where the code sits. Watch this brief tutorial video on how to embed Life Happens Pro videos on your website.

4. Create a social-media presence without a lot of effort.

Start using some great graphics here. You can choose what you'd like to post based on the message you'd like to get out: insurance focused, inspirational, statistics and many more. You can also choose by insurance type or general financial. Plus, you can share directly to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account by using the buttons on the right-hand side (you will have to be logged into your personal social-media account). Or, download them to your computer, and then post when the time is right. Don't forget to personalize your message—as that's what being "social" is all about. Check out our short tutorial video if you'd like to see it in action first.

5. Draw people to your website by adding the Life Insurance Needs Calculator.

Did you know that this Life Happens calculator is our most visited website page? People WANT to "do their own math" and come up with a working idea of how much life insurance they may need. So now it's time to put this incredibly powerful tool on your website. It will only take a few minutes. Go here to get the steps that walk you through getting it on your site and, if you choose, you can customize and brand it for your business. If you're more of a visual person, watch this quick tutorial video on how to embed the calculator on your site. Once it's up there, don't forget to send prospects and clients there to use it.

6. Make your website a go-to place for insurance information by adding the Embeddable Insurance Planner.

This online tool helps clients and prospects come to their own conclusions about their insurance needs, while they are on your website. Visitors answer two easy questions about their "life stage" (such as "I'm single," or "I have a young family") and what they want "to protect," (their loved ones, their income) and are then taken to a great Real Life Stories video and brief explanation that shows why a specific type of insurance coverage is so important. (By the way, these videos have been proven, by an independent survey, to make people 75% more likely to consider purchasing insurance coverage!) You can either walk through the steps here to learn how to embed and customize the planner, or watch a short tutorial video here.

7. Take a tip from MDRT member and Life Happens Pro user Brock Jolly.

"We use the What You Need to Know About Life Insurance and the What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance brochures, which express the need and the power for proper life and disability income planning, but are carrier agnostic. They give the facts without the hyperbole and propaganda that many carrier marketing pieces contain. Best of all, we've branded them with our company logo. It gives us the appearance that we have a multimillion dollar marketing firm behind us creating this marketing collateral. The reality is that we have Life Happens Pro."

8. Be proactive against the tired excuse: "It's Too Expensive!"

One of the most frequent objections to purchasing life insurance is cost. It's true—8 in 10 people overestimate the cost of life insurance, including those who already have coverage, according to our research. So use one of the great "True Cost" videos that we've created. They compare the cost of term life insurance to things people pay a whole lot more for every day: their cable bill, eating out, a latte habit. Share these with your friends and followers on social media and help educate them about the true cost of life insurance and have your name top of mind when they decide they really can afford it. You can also embed them on your website. Learn more about that here.

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