We provide a variety of customizable basic templates that can be used as starting points for your email campaigns. Basic templates provide you with a highly-customizable blank layout, so you can easily add your own styles and content using the drag and drop functionality of our email designer. There are basic layouts available in various 1 Column, 2 Column, and 3 Column formats.

Get started customizing these templates using the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Templates page.

2. Click the Create button in the upper right hand corner.

3. Select whichever base template you'd like to start with. Now you can use the drag and drop editor to add, rearrange, duplicate, and delete element blocks to create a unique template that is fully customized to your needs. You can add in your logo or header at the top too.

4. Simply click and drag the desired element from the library on the left to the location in your template where you'd like it to be placed. You'll see a dash outline indicating where the element will be place

Choose from the following elements:

  • Full-width banner
  • Single text row
  • Two columns
  • Three columns
  • Image left list
  • Image right list
  • Three text columns
  • Footer
  • Image left
  • Image right

5. Click each element in your template to add and format text, upload images, link to files, and further tailor the layout for maximum flexibility and personalization using the editor. You will need to include the {UNSUBSCRIBE_URL} tag in one section of your template, usually the footer. You must give your users the opportunity to opt out of your messages. The {UNSUBSCRIBE_URL} tag will include a fully formed html link with text that the user can click to opt out.

6. The blocks can be rearranged within the template to mix up the layout and design. Click the upper lefthand corner to drag each block up, down, or sideways as needed.

7. To remove an element block, place your mouse over the element in your template until you see an 'X' in the top right. Click the X and the element will be removed.

After you've added all the desired elements, enter a template name and click Save.

This template will now be available to select when creating your email campaigns.

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