Plain text campaigns are the simplest form of email you can send. As the name suggests, these campaigns will only contain text, and have no formatting options.

To begin, navigate to the Campaigns page and click the Create campaign button in the upper right hand corner.

Next, select Plain text for the campaign type.

Now just follow these 5 easy steps to create and send your campaign:

Step 1: Recipients

Choose the list you'd like to sent the campaign to.

Note: You'll need to make sure you've created a list of subscribers before you create and send your campaign. View more information on how to create a list and add subscribers.

Step 2: Setup

Enter your campaign details including campaign name (this is only visible to you), email subject line, from name/email and reply to email. If you've already completed your Profile for Email Marketing these fields will be pre-populated.

There are three optional features on the right, including:

  • Track opens: who is opening your campaigns
  • Track clicks: which links are clicked, how many times they are clicked and who did the clicking
  • Add DKIM signature: sign the email with your sending domain (e.g. to help improve delivery rates


Step 3: Template

Since this is a plain text email you do not need to select a template. Simply enter your message for the email in the box.

Below the message box you'll see a list of merge tags available for you to use. Merge tags allow you to add personalized or dynamic content from your list into your email campaigns.

Step 4: Schedule

Select the date and time to send your email. You can choose to send your email immediately or schedule it to send at a later time.

Step 5: Confirm

Review your campaign settings before clicking send. You can make any changes by clicking the Edit button to the right of the section.

If you'd like to see a preview of the email click the Send a test email button and enter the email address you'd like to send the test to. You can even use this to send it to your compliance department for approval. 

Once the email is ready to go simply click send!

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