Recently, many free email domains like, and have updated their email delivery protocol to help cut down on spam for their users. The changes affect people who use third-party services like Life Happens Pro to send emails.

(Note: All email service providers are impacted by this change, not just Life Happens Pro.)

What does this mean for you?

If you're sending email through Life Happens Pro using an email address with a free email domain as your From email most receiving servers will reject it or mark as spam. For example, if you send a campaign through Life Happens Pro with a From email address it looks suspicious to the receiving email server since they know it didn't come directly from Gmail.

What can you do to ensure your emails don't get rejected?

To help our customers ensure their emails don't get rejected or marked as spam, you can use our domain in the From email field and use your own email address in the Reply to field when setting up a campaign. Using our domain for the From email will help ensure email delivery and any campaign replies from contacts will still go to your own email address.

For example, if your email is, you can use in the From email field and in the Reply to field when setting up your campaign.

While following the above instructions will help with email delivery, we do recommend using a custom email domain. Using your own custom domain can increase trust and credibility when sending emails. Click here for more information on custom domains and how to set up a custom domain to work with Life Happens Pro.

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