When using a custom domain for sending email campaigns that can increase trust and credibility. You want prospects and clients to see an email address that matches your brand, such as joe@myagency.com. It makes it easier for them to recognize your business and may improve deliverability.

Getting a custom domain

If you don't already have your own email domain we recommend registering for one. It's very easy to find and register your own domain using a domain registration service such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Google Domains or Register.com, to name a few.

Validating your domain

Once you have your custom domain you'll need to follow the steps below to set up and validate your domain to work with Life Happens Pro.

1. Send us an email at support@lifehappens.org letting us know you'd like to send from your custom domain. Be sure to include the custom domain in the email.

2. We'll send you a unique SPF record that will need to be updated in your domain registrar. The instructions for updating the SPF record can vary with domain registrars, but we've included links to some of the more common ones below. If you have any questions on how to add the SPF record to your domain we recommend contacting your domain registrar.

GoDaddy: Add an SPF record

Network Solutions: How to manage DNS records

Google Domains: Resource records

Register.com: Modify TXT records

3. Let us know once the SPF record has been added to your domain so we can validate it.

4. Once it validates you can begin sending emails using your custom domain email address in the From email field when setting up a campaign.

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